Dancing on the Clouds

On the wedding day each couple feels like. . . they’re flying in the clouds.

We create a cloud of smoke during your first dance, using dry ice.It covers the surface of the dancefloor, giving you the feeling of being in the clouds, giving a spectacle to your guests and especially to your photographer for long lasting photos.


Aerial Fireworks

Choose the special effects of aerial fireworks to celebrate your favorite moment. (store inauguration, couple entry, wedding cake cut, 1st dance etc) Choose colors and shapes in the fireworks you want to frame the sky and the atmosphere of your own event.

”Paint” the sky ….


Floor Fountain Fireworks

Embed the technique of floor fountain fireworks in the outer or inner space, where the event occurs and firecracked at any time of the evening you consider the most appropriate. Trust in our suggestions to achieve the fantastic outcome you desire and dream of!


Create an impressive start and finish of your event. How will you achieve this? With our spectacular fireworks!

Do not hesitate!

How Do We Start?

Contact us to start the experience! Our staff will provide you all the necessary information you need to proceed to the next step.

Finally we have a face (or faces)! Meet with us fixing an appointment at our premises or by web call. Refine the details of the whole plan and get a final quotation.

So the plan is great, you like us, what next? Fix the date and leave the rest of preparation to us! It’s never been easier.

The time has come! Our team will make sure that everything is perfect and as planned. Have a great time!